David S. H. Rosenthal

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David Rosenthal
David S. H. Rosenthal, 10 September 2018
Born1948 (age 75–76)
NationalityBritish, American

David Stuart Holmes Rosenthal (born 1948 in Cambridge, United Kingdom) is a British-American computer scientist.


Rosenthal is the son of Michael David Holmes Rosenthal and Marjorie Mary "Molly" Rosenthal (both deceased).[1] His brother Mark Geoffrey Thomas Rosenthal ran to be a member of the UK Parliament for Ynys Môn in 2015.

Rosenthal received an MA degree from Trinity College, Cambridge, England, and a PhD from Imperial College, London. In the 1980s he worked on the Andrew Project at Carnegie Mellon University with James Gosling.[2][3] In 1985 he joined Sun Microsystems, and developed the NeWS Network extensible Window System with Gosling and co-authored a book on it.[4] He developed the Inter-Client Communication Conventions Manual (ICCCM) for the X Window System in 1988, and was issued a patent on a security system for X.[5] In 1993 he became employee #4 and chief scientist at Nvidia, and then joined Vitria Technology in 1996. In 1999 he rejoined Sun and was a distinguished engineer.[6] He became chief scientist for the LOCKSS project, first at Sun and then since 2002 at Stanford University.[7] His research concerned computer data storage long-term protection techniques.[8]

He holds 23 patents.[7]


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