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David S. Painter (born 1948) is an associate professor of international history at Georgetown University. He is a leading scholar[1] of the Cold War and United States foreign policy during the 20th century, with particular emphasis on their relation to oil.

Education and career[edit]

Painter studied history at King College (BA 1970), Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar (BA 1973), and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (PhD 1982).[2] In addition to his career in academia, Painter has worked for the Congressional Research Service, the Department of Energy, and the State Department.[2] In 2008, he was a visiting fellow at the Norwegian Nobel Institute.[2] He also serves on the advisory board for H-Energy.[3]


Painter's classic work has turned out to be his very first book: Oil and the American Century, published in 1986. Influenced by the work of Ellis Hawley and others,[4] and operating within a corporatist framework,[5] the study is an "impressively researched monograph that devotes particular attention to the close collaboration between public policy makers and oil company official,"[6] a partnership that led to "the evolution of an American foreign oil policy that protected dwindling American domestic reserves, met American security needs, and guaranteed American access to foreign oil."[7] One historian opined that, "if anything proves more remarkable than the ambitious scope of this study, it is the extent to which Painter accomplishes his objectives. [… It] may also be the most important book yet written on America's foreign oil policy."[8] Others described it variously as "exemplary"[9] and "superb".[10] The 1987 UK edition has not been out of print since its original publication.[11]

Painter's 1999 history of the Cold War was described as an "excellent",[12] a book that "presents a very good analysis of the end of the Cold War, emphasizing the economic weakness of the Soviet Union and the strains of the arms race upon the Soviet economy."[13]

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