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David Sandner is an author and editor of fantasy literature. His poetry and fiction have appeared in the publications Asimov's Magazine of Science Fiction, Weird Tales, Realms of Fantasy, Pulphouse, and the anthologies Baseball Fantastic, The Mammoth Book of Black Magic and others. He is also the author of non fiction books The Fantastic Sublime: Romanticism and Transcendence in Nineteenth-century Children's Fantasy Literature (Greenwood, 1996) and two time Mythopoeic Award Finalist "Critical Discourses of the Fantastic, 1712-1831" (Ashgate, 2011). David is the editor of Fantastic Literature: A Critical Reader, and co-editor of The Treasury of the Fantastic with Jacob Weisman (Tachyon Publications, 2013).[1]

He is currently a Professor of Romanticism, Popular Literature and Children's Literature in the English Department of California State University, Fullerton.[2] He lives in Fullerton, California.


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