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David Sanes Rodríguez (1954 – 19 April 1999) was a native of Vieques, Puerto Rico whose death became a rallying point for those opposed to the U.S. military presence on and use of his home island for live-fire bombing practice. Sanes Rodríguez's death sparked the organization of the Cause for Vieques and a series of protests by residents and activists that culminated in the US Navy abandoning Vieques.


Sanes Rodríguez was a civilian employee of the United States Navy, working as a security guard at the Navy's Atlantic Fleet Weapons Training Facility on Vieques. Sanes Rodríguez was killed when two errant 500 lb Mk 82 bombs from a Marine F/A-18C Hornet fighter landed 100 yards from a clearly identified hilltop observation post in which Sanes Rodríguez was working. The names of the pilots involved have never been revealed. Known amongst his friends for his happy-go-lucky, partying lifestyle, in death, Sanes Rodríguez became a household name in Puerto Rico. His funeral received widespread media coverage, including U.S. newspapers and international television networks.

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