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David Sherlock is a British writer and was the life partner of Graham Chapman of Monty Python, whom he met in 1966 in Ibiza.[1]


Sherlock was the inspiration for many Monty Python sketches, including "Anne Elk's Theory on Brontosauruses", and was the originator of the Python sketch "Death of Mary Queen of Scots".[citation needed] Sherlock was one of several co-authors on A Liar's Autobiography, the official Chapman memoir, and co-writer of Yellowbeard. He also co-wrote Jake's Journey (a 1988 television pilot for CBS which featured Peter Cook, Chapman and others), which was never broadcast.

After Chapman died of cancer, Sherlock returned to his private life, but has contributed to some Python projects, most notably The Pythons Autobiography book.[2]

It was inaccurately reported that Sherlock blasted Chapman's ashes off a cliff to celebrate the millennium.[3] Another rumour was that Sherlock sprinkled Chapman's ashes on people at the 25th anniversary of Monty Python's founding in Los Angeles.[4] A further rumour was that Sherlock scattered Chapman's ashes on Snowdon, North Wales, on 18 June 2005.[5]


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