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David Sibley (born 16 July 1948) is an English actor.

He is best known for character roles in several cult television series: as twisted radio DJ Tom Everett in BBC television detective series Shoestring (in the episode Mocking Bird); and in Doctor Who as Pralix (in The Pirate Planet). He appeared on a DVD extra when this story was released recently.[1]

Other appearances include Blake's 7, Survivors, Target, Minder, Lovejoy, and the film Gandhi. He returned to television in The Year That London Blew Up (1995), a dramatisation of the IRA attacks on London in 1974-75. Between 2001 and 2012 he played four different characters in Doctors. In 2012 he was in New Tricks episode Part Of A Whole, playing journalist Nigel Baxter. 2014 starred as Freddie in the supernatural thriller The Sleeping Room.[2]


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