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NOVA DVD: Dimming the Sun
Paradise Dreamed

David Sington is a British-born producer, screenwriter, director, author and journalist. He studied natural science at Trinity College, Cambridge, graduating in 1981.[1] In 1983, had the opportunity to go to film school but instead, he started his career at the BBC World Service as a journalist.[2] In 1987 he moved to television and thereafter produced 22 documentary films for the BBC. In 1999 he left BBC to form his own production company DOX Productions, Ltd. Since then he has made 17 films shown on the BBC, Channel 4, PBS in England, the US and in 22 other countries.[3][4]


In 1999, he was awarded the Walter Sullivan Award for Excellence in Science Journalism.[5] In 2000, he was made an Honorary member of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society[6] His project Poltergeist won a prestigious Grierson Award in 2004. His films on climate change have won him a Gold Hugo Award, 2 Wildscreen awards, 2007 Earthwatch film award, and the World Cinema Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival 2007.


He has directed, produced, screen written and/or hosted the following films (incomplete):

  • 2015 The Fear of 13[7]
  • 2011 The Flaw (animated by Peter J. Richardson)[8][9]
  • 2007 In the Shadow of the Moon
  • 2006 NOVA: Dimming of the Sun
  • 2005 BBC Horizon: Global Dimming
  • 2005 NOVA: Hitler's Sunken Secret
  • 2003 NOVA: Magnetic Storm
  • 2002 NOVA: Death Star
  • 1998 BBC Horizon: Earth Story
  • 1995 BBC Horizon: Traces of Guilt
  • 1994 BBC Horizon: The Man Who Made Up his Mind
  • 1992 BBC Horizon: The Man Who Moved the Mountains
  • 1991 BBC Horizon: The Day the Earth Melted
  • BBC: The Secret of El Dorado


He has co-written the following books:

  • Lamb, Simon; Sington, David (September 1998). Earth Story: The Shaping of Our World. Princeton Univ Press. pp. 256pp. ISBN 978-0-691-00229-3. 
  • Neville-Sington, Pamela, Sington, David and Songton, David (4 November 1993). Paradise Dreamed. Bloomsbury Publishing PLC. pp. 256pp. ISBN 978-0-7475-1293-6. 


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