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Not to be confused with David Starkey, the British historian and specialist on the Tudors.

David John Starkey (born 20 September 1954) is a specialist in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British maritime history. His research focuses on shipping, seafaring, privateering, fisheries and marine environmental history.[1]


Starkey earned a degree in Economic History from the University of Leeds, and an MA in the History of the Atlantic Economy from the University of Exeter. He has been based since 1994 at the University of Hull, where he was founding director of the Maritime Historical Studies Centre. He is currently head of the Department of History.[2]

Starkey is co-president of the North Atlantic Fisheries History Association (NAFHA), and chairman of the British Commission for Maritime History. In 2013 he became Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Maritime History.


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