David Stevenson (engineer)

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David Stevenson
David Stevenson.jpg
Born 11 January 1815
Died 17 July 1886
Alma mater Edinburgh University
Occupation Lighthouse engineer
Employer Northern Lighthouse Board
Children David Alan Stevenson
Charles Alexander Stevenson
Parent(s) Robert Stevenson (father)
Relatives Thomas Stevenson (brother)
Alan Stevenson (brother)

David Stevenson FRSE FRSSA (1815 – 1886) was a Scottish lighthouse designer, who designed over thirty lighthouses in and around Scotland, and helped found a great dynasty of lighthouse engineering.


The son of engineer Robert Stevenson, and brother of the lighthouse engineers Alan and Thomas Stevenson, between 1854 and 1880 he designed many lighthouses, all with his brother Thomas. In addition he helped Richard Henry Brunton design lighthouses for Japan, inventing a novel method for allowing them to withstand earthquakes. His sons David Alan Stevenson and Charles Alexander Stevenson continued his work after his death, building nearly thirty further lighthouses. His nephew was Robert Louis Stevenson.

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