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David Tibet

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David Tibet
David Tibet performing with Current 93 in 2007.
David Tibet performing with Current 93 in 2007.
Background information
Birth nameDavid Michael Bunting
Born (1960-03-05) 5 March 1960 (age 64)
Batu Gajah, Malaysia
GenresApocalyptic folk, neofolk
LabelsDurtro, Jnana, Coptic Cat

David Tibet (born David Michael Bunting; 5 March 1960)[1] is an English poet, artist and musician. He is best known for the musical group Current 93, which he founded and is the only consistent member of.


David Bunting was born to British parents in Batu Gajah, Perak, Malaysia.[1] His father had fought in World War II and was among the soldiers who liberated the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.[2] He lived in Malaysia until 1970, when he was sent to England to attend the (at the time all-boys) Red House School, an experience he has spoken poorly of.[3][4] He attended Newcastle University.[5]

He was given the name "Tibet" by Genesis P-Orridge while working with Psychic TV in the early '80s. In January 2005 he announced that he would revert to the name David Michael, although he continues to use the well-known "Tibet" in his public career to date.

In 2009, he completed a MA degree in Coptic Language and Grammar through Macquarie University.[6][7]

David was involved with a divorce around 2010.[3] He lives in Hastings with his partner Ania Goszczyńska, an illustrator.[8]

The Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections at the Cornell University Library holds his archives through 2013.[9]

Beliefs and influences[edit]

Tibet was first exposed to Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism in Malaysia. He also showed an interest in esoteric Christianity from an early age, and still identifies as a Christian.[10]

Tibet's mysticism is derived from such varied fields as religion, philosophy, witchcraft, poetry and painting. As his stage name suggests, he has Vajrayana Buddhist leanings, and regards the legendary tantric figure Padmasambhava as his own tutor. His album Buddhist Monks of the Maitri Vihar Monastery (1997) reflects his interest in Tibetan Buddhism. He also has longstanding interests in Christian mysticism and esoteric Christianity, especially Christian eschatology, and his lyrical subject matter reflects a consistent preoccupation with such apocalyptic imagery as death, loss, and destruction. Other influences include Gnosticism, Austin Osman Spare, and a variety of occult topics.

His interest in Aleister Crowley and Thelema began at age 11 when he purchased The Diary of a Drug Fiend at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Kuala Lumpur.[3] Thelemic concepts appear aspects of the covers, lyrics and themes of Current 93 (including the group's name itself). The initial recording of Current 93, LAShTAL, was, according to Tibet, "the invocation of Malkunofath on the Nightside of Eden, the reverse of the Tree of Life". Despite his continuing appreciation for Crowley as an individual, Tibet has since distanced himself from Crowleyanity. In April 2006, Ordo Templi Orientis formed the International OTO Cabinet, an advisory, non-voting panel made up of both OTO Initiates and Non-Initiates. Tibet was named among the initial non-member appointments.[11]

Although collaborators such as Douglas P. and Boyd Rice have alleged neo-Nazi connections, Tibet himself has referred to Hitler as the antichrist and dedicated the Current 93 song "Hitler as Kalki" to "my father who fought Hitler".[2][12]


After leaving university, he worked with Psychic TV and 23 Skidoo. He is credited on the Psychic TV albums Force the Hand of Chance and Dreams Less Sweet. Tibet left Psychic TV in 1983 and founded Current 93.

Current 93's initial recordings consisted largely of harsh, repetitive industrial noise and dark ambient soundscapes. The lineup of C93 has changed on each album, although Michael Cashmore has played on every album since Thunder Perfect Mind. Steven Stapleton of Nurse With Wound has appeared on nearly every Current 93 release, while Tibet has appeared on many Nurse With Wound releases and collaborations with Stapleton. Douglas P., leader of Death in June, appeared on C93 releases from 1987 until 1993, while Tibet was a member of Death in June from the mid-'80s to 1995. Under the influence of Death in June, Tibet began incorporating neo-folk elements that would come to dominate Current 93's music.

Other notable collaborators include Jhonn Balance of Coil, Steve Ignorant of Crass (using the name "Stephen Intelligent"), Little Annie, Björk, Nick Cave, Rose McDowall, Tiny Tim, Annabella Lwin (of Bow Wow Wow) and Ian Read of Fire and Ice. Many were also part of the community around Psychic TV in its early years.

Visual arts[edit]

Tibet is an established visual artist with much of his work in well-known galleries such as the Henry Boxer Gallery and Isis Gallery.[13] His exhibitions include:


Tibet has created a series of record labels and small publishing houses under the names Ghost Story Press, Jnana Records, Durtro, Coptic Cat, The Spheres, and Cashen's Gap. These businesses publish and release his own work, as well as the work of artists he has collaborated with or has an interest in. The first album by Antony And The Johnsons was released by Durtro.

Tibet's 'The Moons At Your Door,' an anthology of 'strange tales that influenced' Tibet illustrated by his own artwork, was released in Paperback Edition in March 2016.[17] He also was the editor of a follow-up anthology of supernatural short stories, titled "There is a Graveyard that Dwells in Man" published in 2020.[18]



Most writers below are authors of supernatural and horror fiction.


As David[edit]

  • Ferelith (2020)
  • Fontelatus (2020)

With Myrninerest[edit]

With others[edit]

  • The Nodding FolkThe Apocalyptic Folk in The Nodding God Unveiled (1993). This album was accompanied by a comic book of Tibet's making.
  • SkitlivSkandinavisk misantropi (2009) (vocals)
  • Hypnopazūzu (David Tibet & Youth) – Create Christ, Sailor Boy (2016)
  • Zu93 (David Tibet & Zu) – Mirror Emperor (2017)
  • Nodding God – Play Wooden Child (2019) (vocals in Akkadian, with Andrew Liles and 'Underage Shaitan Boy').[19][20]


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  • Keenan, David (2003) England's Hidden Reverse: a secret history of the esoteric underground, London: SAF Publishing.

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