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David Tischman
Notable works
American Century
Bite Club
Star Trek

David Tischman is an American comic book writer who has been active since 2000, writing for such series as American Century, Cable, Bite Club, and Star Trek.


Tischman wrote Greatest Hits at Vertigo.[1]

He will write for the upcoming mini-series Luke McBain, from 12-Gauge Comics[2] and Red Herring for Wildstorm, with artist Philip Bond.[3] Tischman write currently on Angel: Barbary Coast.[4]


Comics work includes:

  • American Century #1-27 (with co-author Howard Chaykin, Vertigo, May 2001 – October 2003) collected as:
    • Scars & Stripes (collects American Century #1-4, 2001, ISBN 1-56389-791-1)
    • Hollywood Babylon (collects American Century #5-9, 2002, ISBN 1-56389-885-3)
  • Angel and the Ape (with co-author Howard Chaykin and art by Philip Bond, 4-issue mini-series, Vertigo, October 2001 - January 2002)
  • Greatest Hits (with artist Glenn Fabry, 6-issue limited series, Vertigo, 2008–2009)
  • Red Herring (with art by Philip Bond, 6-issue limited series, Wildstorm, October 2009 - March 2010, tpb, August 2010, 144 pages, ISBN 1-4012-2762-7)


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