David Turashvili

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David Turashvili
Dato Turashvili (2017) 3893.jpg
Born David Turashvili
May 10, 1966
Tbilisi, Georgia
Occupation novelist
Literary movement Postmodernism
Notable works Flight from the USSR (2008)

David Turashvili (Georgian: დავით ტურაშვილი) (born May 10, 1966, Tbilisi) is a Georgian fiction writer.[1]


In 1989, he was one of the leaders of the student protest action taking place at the Davidgareja monasteries in eastern Georgia, whose territory was exploited by the Soviet Union military as a training ground. His first novels, published in 1988, are based on the turmoil of those events. The premier of his play Jeans Generation was held in May 2001. Turashvili's other publications include the travelogues Katmandu (1998) and Known and Unknown America (1993), and two collections of short fiction and movie scripts; his first collection of short fiction is Merani (1991).

Besides scripts, he writes novels, short stories and plays. Dato Turashvili has published about 16 books in Georgia. His works are translated into seven languages and published in different periodical editions of various countries. His novel Jeans Generation has already been published in five European countries. He is the author of Georgian best-sellers and has participated in Alpinists’ expedition in the mountains of the Caucasus, Andes and Himalayas. Furthermore, he is the author of scientific-research letters in literary criticism and historiography. He has translated both prosaic and poetic texts from Russian , Spanish, Turkish and English languages.


  • A Collection of Short Stories (1991)
  • Known and Unknown America (1993)
  • Festival of Loneliness (1995)
  • Where did Sumerians Go (1997)
  • My Irish Grandfather (1999)
  • Kathmandu (2000)
  • A night of a Sunk City (2003)
  • Tibet is not Far (2005)
  • Gurji Khatun (2007)
  • Jeans Generation (2009)
  • Black Cats (2010)
  • The Third (2011)
  • American fairy Tales (2011)
  • If I were a footballer (2011)
  • While Waiting for Dodo (2012)
  • The King of Woods (2013)
  • Another Amsterdam (2014)


  • One Fine Day (1991), Kutaisi Drama Theatre
  • Dialogues in Train (1993), Rustaveli Theatre
  • Troubadour (1997), Manhattan Theatrical Studio and Tkibuli Public Theatre
  • Jeans Generation (2000), Free Theatre
  • Green Horizon (2003), Free Theatre
  • Two Islands in the Black Sea (2005), Bolnisi Theatre
  • Tomorrow they will Fly above our Garden (2007), Theatre “Come and See”
  • Border Line (2008), Marjanishvili Theatre
  • Black Sneakers (2009), Free Theatre
  • Euro-Georgia (2011), Marjanishvili Theatre
  • While Waiting for Dodo (2012), Akhaltsikhe Theatre
  • While Waiting for Dodo (2013), Marjanishvili Theater


  • Jeans Generation, Translated into Dutch language by Ingrid Dekhrave, publishing house Cossee (2013)
  • Jeans Generation, translated into Croatian language, publishing house Sandorf (2013)
  • Jeans Generation, translated into Italian language by Ketevan Charkviani, Publishing house Palombi Editori (2013)
  • Jeans Generation, translated into Turkish language by Fahrettin Çiloğlu, Publishing house Ezgi Kitabevi (2012)


  • Literary Award “Saba” in the nomination “The Best Play”. Black Sneakers (2008)


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