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David Upshal is a television producer.[1] His work includes Wartime Farm, Victorian Farm, Victorian Pharmacy, Edwardian Farm, Tales from the Green Valley, Tudor Monastery Farm, The True Face of War, Days That Shook The World, Outbreak Investigation,[2] Gordon Brown's Missing Billions, Tony Benn: Free At Last, Summer Of Noise, Pilgrimage with Simon Reeve,[3] On Tour With The Queen, Lulu: Something To Shout About,[4] and the historical skills game show Escape in Time, for which he is also credited as format devisor.

He previously directed the Channel 4 series The Hip Hop Years (short-listed for a BAFTA) and the landmark BBC series Windrush[5] (winner of the 1999 Royal Television Society Award for Best Documentary Series[6]). He began his television career at the BBC where his credits included The Late Show,[7] Reportage, Reputations, Decisive Weapons[8] and Vietnam: The Camera At War.


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