David Winters and his dancers

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David Winters, in a 1967 Television Special

David Winters and his dancers was a key component of Shindig!

Shindig! was an American musical variety series which aired on ABC from September 16, 1964[1] to January 8, 1966.[2]

Accompanying the music acts of the week, Shindig! also featured a dance troupe called the Shin-diggers choreographed by David Winters. One of the regular dancers was Teri Garr,[3] who would go on to find success as an actress. The Shin-diggers' assistant choreographer, Antonia Basilotta (better known as Toni Basil), was most widely known for the 1980s song "Mickey" Both Garr and Basil were dance students of Winters at the time and worked with him on most of his choreography projects.[4]


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