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David Yeagley
Born September 5, 1951[1]
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States[2]
Died March 11, 2014(2014-03-11) (aged 62)
United States
Alma mater Yale Divinity School[3]
Occupation Writer, activist

David Yeagley (September 5, 1951 – March 11, 2014) was a Comanche,[4] classical composer, conservative political writer[5] and activist. He graduated from Oberlin College, Hart School of Music, Emory University, Yale Divinity School and the University of Arizona.[3]

Yeagley wrote for FrontPage Magazine.[5]

Yeagley died from cancer in March 2014.[2][6]


In 2011, Yeagley filed a lawsuit against the organization One People's Project for participating in actions that allegedly led to the cancellation of an American Renaissance conference in 2010 where he was scheduled to speak.[7]


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