David and the Magic Pearl

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David and the Magic Pearl
Directed byZbigniew Stanislawski
Wieslaw Zieba
Written byMaciej Siatkiewicz (story and dialogue)
Wieslaw Zieba
Zbigniew Stanislawski
Robert Pawlicki
Piotr Malinoswki
Ewaryst Izewski
Jerzy Kurczac
Wojciech Trzópek
Krystyna Kofta (inspiration)
Andrzej Chrzanowski(inspiration)
StarringEwa Kania
Ewa Zlotowska
Jolanta Zykun
Ewa Zukowska
Jerzy Molga
Tadeusz Wludarski
Music bySeweryn Krajewski (original)
Claes Wang (English version)
CinematographyJan Ptasinski
Edited byHanna Michalewicz
Distributed byFilm Polski (Poland)
AB Svensk Filmindustri (Sweden)
Celebrity Home Entertainment (USA)
Release date
  • June 1988 (1988-06) (Poland)
  • 5 November 1988 (1988-11-05) (Sweden)
  • 1990 (1990) (U.S.)
  • 9 October 1993 (1993-10-09) (Finland)
Running time
71 minutes

David and the Magic Pearl (known as David & Sandy internationally) is a Polish/Swedish animated film released in 1988.


David, a boy who stays with his parents in a small cabin in a jungle, not only gets a reliable puppy named Pips for his birthday, but he also befriends a baby eagle who he names Sandy. They discover that a stereotypical boss, named Mr. Stealmore in the English version, is after a set of pearls which were to be kept safe by a group of aliens who landed in the jungle. Also they met a woman named Fawn Doe who is the slave to Mr. Stealmore capturing animals and placed in cages. Later that David learned that Fawn is not as bad as it seems and she changed into Nature clothes now as Nature woman who understands why it is important for the pearls to be protected. Now, the trio have to band together and save the jungle from Mr. Stealmore, who has also plotted to bulldoze the jungle and build a city in its place.


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