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Raoul Perre (also known as HOW) and Davide Perre (also known as NOSM) are twin graffiti artists from New York City. They are both members of the Bronx-based graffiti crew, TATS CRU "The Mural Kings."[1]

Born in the Basque Country of San Sebastián, Spain, both grew up in Düsseldorf, Germany and began doing graffiti in 1988.[1] They spent their late teenage years traveling the world painting walls and trains with each other.[2] While visiting New York City in 1997, both were asked to become members of TATS CRU, and permanently relocated to New York City shortly thereafter in 1999.[1]


"Unexpected Punchline" by How and Nosm, in Detroit, Michigan

As a member of TATS CRU, both create elaborate murals for well known commercial clients like Sony.[3] Both have also lectured at universities including MIT[4] and their work have appeared in numerous films,[5] music videos,[6] documentaries,[7] and most recently, the windows of the historic department store, Lord and Taylor.[8]

Both have been featured within the pages of numerous publications, including The New York Times[1] and New York Magazine,[9] and even stirred the likes of the Rev. Al Sharpton with the controversial undertones of subjects manifested within their art.[10]

Additionally, Davide Perre is featured in a new interview in Amateur Magazine issue 012.[11]

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