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For other uses, see Davidson (disambiguation).
Family name
Meaning "David's son"
Related names Davey, Davidian, Davidoglu, Davidoff, Davidopoulos, Davidov, Davidović, Davidovičius, Davids, Davidsen, Davidsson, Davidyan, Davies, Davis, Davison, Davitashvili, Dawes, Dawidowicz, Dawson, McDaid, McDevitt, Tavitian, Tavityan

Davidson is a patronymic surname, meaning "son of David". There are alternate spellings called septs, including those common in the British Isles and Scandinavia: Davidsen, Davisson, Davison, Daveson, Davidsson. While the given name comes from the Hebrew "David", meaning beloved, Davidson is rarely used as a masculine given name or nickname.[1][2]

It is also an anglicised version of the Ashkenazi Jewish surname Davidovitch, Slavic for "son of David" and Davidoff.


Notable people with the surname Davidson include:





Given name[edit]

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Dr. Ben Davidson, fictional character on the ABC soap opera One Life to Live, portrayed by actor Mark Derwin
  • PC Andy Davidson, fictional character on the BBC science fiction series Torchwood, portrayed by actor Tom Price


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