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Daviesia cordata gnangarra 01.JPG
Daviesia cordata
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Eudicots
(unranked): Rosids
Order: Fabales
Family: Fabaceae
Subfamily: Faboideae
(unranked): Mirbelioids
Genus: Daviesia

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Daviesia, commonly known as Bitter-peas, is a large genus of flowering plants in the legume family. They are native to Australia, with a center of diversity in western Australia. The genus is named in honour of Hugh Davies, a Welsh botanist. They have nitrogen-fixing bacteria contained in root nodules like other genera in their family.[1]


Daviesia comprises the following species:[2][3][4]

Species names with uncertain taxonomic status[edit]

The status of the following species is unresolved:[3][4]

  • Daviesia acanthoclada Turcz.
  • Daviesia adnata F.Muell.
  • Daviesia aphylla F.Muell. ex Benth.
  • Daviesia apiculata Crisp
  • Daviesia argillacea Crisp
  • Daviesia articulata Crisp
  • Daviesia audax Crisp
  • Daviesia bursarioides Crisp
  • Daviesia calystegia Turcz.
  • Daviesia campephylla Crisp
  • Daviesia chapmanii Crisp
  • Daviesia chordophylla Meisn.
  • Daviesia coluteoides Walp.
  • Daviesia concinna R.Br. ex Benth.
  • Daviesia condensata Turcz.
  • Daviesia crassa Crisp
  • Daviesia cunderdin Crisp & G.T.Chandler
  • Daviesia denudata Vent.
  • Daviesia dilatata Crisp
  • Daviesia egena F. Muell.
  • Daviesia elliptica Crisp
  • Daviesia ericoides (Vent.) Pers.
  • Daviesia euryloba Crisp & G.T.Chandler
  • Daviesia genistoides Lodd.
  • Daviesia glauca Lodd.
  • Daviesia glossosema Crisp
  • Daviesia grahami Ewart & J. White
  • Daviesia grossa Crisp
  • Daviesia hamata Crisp
  • Daviesia humifusa Sieber ex DC.
  • Daviesia intricata Crisp
  • Daviesia juncea (Schrad.) Pers.
  • Daviesia juncea Sm.
  • Daviesia laevis Crisp
  • Daviesia latipes F.Muell.
  • Daviesia laurifolia Link
  • Daviesia lineata Crisp
  • Daviesia longipes Domin
  • Daviesia macrophylla Endl.
  • Daviesia megacalyx Crisp
  • Daviesia microcarpa Crisp
  • Daviesia neversifolia F. Muell.
  • Daviesia newbeyi Crisp
  • Daviesia nova-anglica Crisp
  • Daviesia nudula J.M.Black
  • Daviesia oxyclada Crisp
  • Daviesia oxylobium Crisp
  • Daviesia paniculata Benth.
  • Daviesia parifolia F.Muell.
  • Daviesia parvifolia S.Moore
  • Daviesia pauciflora Crisp
  • Daviesia phyllodinea S.Moore
  • Daviesia pleurophylla Crisp
  • Daviesia pseudaphylla Crisp
  • Daviesia pteroclada Crisp
  • Daviesia pungens R.Cunn. ex Benth.
  • Daviesia quoquoversus Crisp
  • Daviesia racemulosa DC.
  • Daviesia ramosissima Crisp
  • Daviesia ramulosa Benth.
  • Daviesia recurvata Maiden & R.T.Baker
  • Daviesia reticulata Sm.
  • Daviesia retrorsa Crisp
  • Daviesia rhizomata Crisp
  • Daviesia rubiginosa Crisp
  • Daviesia sarissa Crisp
  • Daviesia scoparia Crisp
  • Daviesia sejugata G.T.Chandler & Crisp
  • Daviesia smithiorum Crisp
  • Daviesia speciosa Crisp
  • Daviesia suaveolens Crisp
  • Daviesia ternata Endl.
  • Daviesia tortuosa Crisp
  • Daviesia ulicina Sm.
    • f. subumbellata (Labill.) Benth.
    • f. ulicina Sm.
  • Daviesia umbonata Crisp & G.T.Chandler
  • Daviesia uncinata Crisp


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