Davina and the Vagabonds

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Davina and the Vagabonds
OriginTwin Cities, Minnesota, United States
GenresBlues, Jazz, Roots, Americana
Years active2006 — present
MembersDavina Sowers
Zack Lozier
Steve Rogness
George Marich
Alternating upright bass players:
Andrew Foreman
Chris Bates
Keith Yanes

Davina and the Vagabonds is a jazz blues band based in the Twin Cities, Minnesota and formed in 2006. The band consists of Davina Lozier (formerly Sowers),[1] Zack Lozier, Steve Rogness, George Marich and alternating upright bass players (Andrew Foreman, Chris Bates, Keith Yanes, and Matt Blake). Their 2014 release titled Sunshine charted at #13 on the Billboard Blues Chart.[2] One of the singles from Sunshine, "I Would Rather Drink Muddy Water" peaked at number 21 on the Billboard Blues Digital Songs.[3] The earlier album Black Cloud, released in 2011, was named by the Minneapolis Star & Tribune as one of the ten best releases of the year.[4] Davina and the Vagabonds have traveled extensively throughout the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe.[5]

Davina Sowers


Davina and the Vagabonds's music consists of a New Orleans sound, featuring elements of blues, jazz, R&B, soul, and gospel. Sowers describes the sound as "unique" when attempting to put a name to it.[6] They feature no guitar, instead using horns, piano, and drums.[7] NPR's Marc Silver refers to the music as "rooted in early-20th-century blues and jazz, but freshened up with the 21st-century cheek of Sowers' teasing vocals and clever lyrics".[8]


  • Davina Sowers (Vocals/Piano/Ukulele) Claim to fame: Singer, songwriter, bandleader and go-getter of Davina and the Vagabonds.[9]
  • Zack Lozier (Trumpet/Vocals, replacing Dan Eikmeier)
  • Steve Rogness (Trombone/Vocals, replacing Ben Link)
  • George Marich (Drums)
  • Andrew Foreman/Chris Bates/Liz Draper/Keith Yanes (Alternating Upright Bass)


  • Live @ The Times (2008)
(Set/Disc 1) Track list:
  1. Intro
  2. Knock Me a Kiss
  3. PushPin
  4. Muddy Water
  5. Death
  6. This Little Light of Mine
  7. DayDream
  8. Big Fish
  9. Monday Date
  10. The Clock
  11. Watching the River Flow
  12. St. Michael vs. The Devil
(Set/Disc 2) Track list:
  1. Love
  2. Hate
  3. No Buts, No Maybes
  4. Dream a Little Dream of Me
  5. Put a Lid On It
  6. I'm Gonna Be a Wheel Someday
  7. Honey Pie
  8. St. James Infirmary
  9. Back To Memphis
  10. Under Lock and Key
  11. MLPS in February
  12. Finally Home

Recorded at The Times Bar and Cafe Minneapolis July 6–7, 2008

  • Black Cloud (2011)
Track list:
  1. Vagabond Stomp (intro)
  2. Black Cloud
  3. Disappears
  4. Start Running
  5. Sugar Moon
  6. PushPin
  7. Lipstick and Chrome
  8. River
  9. Pocket
  10. Let’s Bring It Back
  11. Bee Sting
  12. Crosseyed
  13. Carry Him With You
  14. Vagabond Stomp (outro)
  • Sunshine (2014)
Track list:
  1. Sunshine
  2. Flow
  3. Fizzle out
  4. Away From Me
  5. I Try to Be Good
  6. You Better Start Prayin
  7. Red Shoes
  8. Throw It to the Wolves for Love
  9. I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water
  10. You Must Be Losing Your Mind
  11. Heavenly Day
  12. Under Lock and Key
  • Nicollet and Tenth (2016)
Track list:
  1. 5 ft 2
  2. Ain’t That A Shame
  3. Bee Sting
  4. Black Cloud
  5. His Eye Is On The Sparrow
  6. I Would Rather Go Blind
  7. Knock Me A Kiss
  8. Lipstick And Chrome
  9. Louisiana Fairytale
  10. Muddy Waters
  11. Pocket
  12. Red Shoes
  13. Shake That Thing
  14. St James
  15. Start Runnin’
  16. Sunshine
  17. Travelin’ All Alone
  18. You Must Be Losing Your Mind

Recorded Live at the Dakota Jazz Club Minneapolis January 16–17, 2015


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