Davis Lake Provincial Park

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Davis Lake Provincial Park Panorama

Davis Lake Provincial Park is a provincial park in British Columbia, Canada. It is located east of the southern end of Stave Lake,[1][2] northeast of Mission, British Columbia. The park's area is c. 185 acres (0.75 km2). There are campgrounds and beaches at the south end of the lake, and the water is warm enough to allow swimming; access is walk-in only. The park features prime bird habitat and a relatively untouched stand of old growth Western Hemlock,[3] as well as a relatively close-up view of Mount Robie Reid.

McDonald Falls

McDonald Falls, on Murdo Creek, is alongside a trail access down from the logging road on the mountainside above the east shore of the lake.[4] The logging road is the continuation of Sylvester Road, which departs BC Highway 7 between Hatzic Lake and Dewdney.

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Coordinates: 49°18′00″N 122°14′00″W / 49.30000°N 122.23333°W / 49.30000; -122.23333