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A G-series train at Davisville, c. 1969
Trains at Davisville yard, seen from Davisville station c. 2009
Trains at Davisville yard, including the Toronto Rocket, seen from Yonge Street c. 2012

The Davisville Subway Yard is a rail yard on the Toronto Transit Commission's Yonge subway line.

The yard is located adjoining the Davisville Station, between Eglinton and St. Clair Stations. When the subway line first opened in 1954, this was the only yard on the subway system, as there was only service between Union and Eglinton stations. The yard is next to the TTC headquarters at 1900 Yonge Street. This yard now houses all the trains that service the Sheppard line.

Rolling stock[edit]

Davisville Yard is home to a small portion of the TTC's revenue rolling stock and some of the Commission's work cars that operate on the Yonge-University (YU) line. Four-car T1 subway cars which service the Sheppard line are based at Davisville, although for maintenance record purposes Davisville has no cars allocated to it. At one point, due to the track configuration of the yard, the facility was not able to accommodate most of new "six-car fixed" articulated Toronto Rocket subway cars which provide service on the Yonge-University line. Most of them are generally stored and serviced at the larger Wilson Complex, however they are occasionally stored at Davisville.


  • marshalling yard
  • indoor storage facility
  • outdoor storage facility

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