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Davlatmand Kholov (Tajik: Давлатманд Холов) is a musician and singer from Kulob in Tajikistan. He is an expert in the southern folk genre of Tajik music called Falak. A multi-instrumentalist, trained in Shashmaqam at the Conservatory of Music in Dushanbe, he's well known for his works on the two-string dutar, ghijak, and setar which are popular instruments in Central Asia. He plays and sings poetry of the Sufi poets, mainly Jalaleddin Rumi; Davlatmand’s outlook is close to Rumi’s poetry and philosophy. He also belongs to the post-Soviet nationalist school of thought, or is influenced by "Tajikisation", therefore turning his back on Tajik shashmaqam. This can be displayed through his works: "Sawt-i falak" or "The Voices of Falak", where he creates European symphonic settings to tell tales of Tajik life and rural practices.[1] He released the album Learned & Folk Music on 9 January 1996.[2]


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