Davtashen Bridge

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Davtashen Bridge
Davtashen bridge 02.jpg
Davtashen Bridge
Coordinates40°12′36″N 44°29′34″E / 40.21000°N 44.49278°E / 40.21000; 44.49278
CrossesHrazdan River
Total length496 m (1,627.3 ft)
Width32 m (105.0 ft)
Height92 m (301.8 ft)
Daily trafficDual carriageway

Davtashen Bridge or Davitashen Bridge (Armenian: Դավթաշենի կամուրջ) is a bridge for traffic linking across the Hrazdan River in Yerevan, Armenia. It connects the Vaghrshyan street of Arabkir district with the Sasna Tzrer street of Davtashen district within the capital city. The construction process was launched during the 1970s by the Soviet government but abandoned shortly after. Only in 2000, the construction of the bridge was completed.[1] Height above the water level of the river Hrazdan -92m.[2] The bridge was constructed by Kamurjshin company.[3]

The bridge was designed by architect Rafael Israelyan.[4]


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