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Dawit Mesfin (born 1956) is a writer, researcher and political analyst who campaigns for human rights and democracy in Eritrea. He is a founding father of Awate.com,[1][not in citation given] a leading Eritrean website and served as a senior editor for Asmarino.com.[citation needed] He set up Voice of Liberty radio station,[citation needed] chaired diverse human rights and civil society groups focusing on Eritrea,[citation needed] and was principal director of Justice Africa,[citation needed] an international NGO with a special focus on the Horn of Africa, from 2011-2014.

His debut book, Woldeab Woldemariam: A Visionary Eritrean Patriot, A Biography documents the contribution made by a critically important figure in Eritrea's long history of asserting its identity as a nation.[2]

Dawit Mesfin writes regularly for various[which?] Eritrean websites and other[which?] news media. He currently lives in London.


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