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Dawn French's Girls Who Do Comedy is an interview series shown on BBC Four. In the series, Dawn French interviewed some of the most prolific comedians of the century from Phyllis Diller to Catherine Tate and asked about life, love, family and comedy. The series was shown as three episodes featuring clips from French's various interviews with different comedians, however, from 25 to 30 December 2006 BBC Four showed six full interviews of 20–30 minutes[1]. They are (in order of re-broadcast on BBC Four) Whoopi Goldberg, Catherine Tate, Kathy Burke, Julie Walters, Victoria Wood and Joan Rivers. This is one of the last interviews done with the late comedian Linda Smith. Each episode ends with a tribute to Linda Smith.

A spin-off series of six half-hour interviews, called Dawn French's More Girls Who Do Comedy, was transmitted on BBC Four.

It was followed in 2007 by Dawn French's More Boys Who Do Comedy and Dawn French's Boys Who Do Comedy.

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