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The Dawn Media Group is the trading name of Pakistan Herald Publications (Pvt.) Limited, a Pakistani media company.[1] It started using this trading name in 2008 "to reflect the Group's transformation from a publisher of newspapers and magazines into a powerful multimedia group" (from a 2011 corporate brochure).[2]


The Karachi based group is owned by the powerful Haroon and Saigol families. The CEO is Hameed Haroon, and its chairman is Amber Haroon Saigol, daughter of the previous chairman Mahmoud Haroon and the 11th richest individual in Pakistan in 1993 (the only year that the Pakistani government has published the wealth of the country's richest citizens). A list of the top 10 richest families in Pakistan, ranks Saigol family as the 8th richest and the Haroons the 16th richest as of 2015.[3][4]


The Dawn Media Group covers three areas: print media (organised as a separate division called Dawn Group of Newspapers), broadcast media, and internet media:

  • Print media
    • Dawn, its flagship newspaper
    • The Star, an evening newspaper
    • Herald, a current affairs monthly
    • Spider, a monthly Internet magazine
    • Aurora, a marketing and advertising bi-monthly magazine
  • Broadcast media
    • Dawn News, 24-hour news channel, broadcasting in English 2007–2010, but since 2010 in Urdu language
    • City FM 89, a music radio channel
  • Internet media
    • Dawn.com, a news website
    • urdu.Dawn.com, news website in Urdu language
  • Exhibitions
    • Dawn Education Expo, an annual education festival

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