Dawn Patrol (video game)

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Dawn Patrol
Dawn patrol amiga.jpg
Amiga box art
Developer(s) Rowan Software
Publisher(s) Empire Interactive
Designer(s) Rod Hyde, Mark Shaw[1]
Platform(s) Amiga, MS-DOS
Release 1994 (1994)
Genre(s) Combat flight simulator
Mode(s) Single player

Dawn Patrol is a World War I combat flight simulator by Rowan Software.[2] It was released in 1994 for Amiga and MS-DOS. The game's front end takes the form of a hyperlinked book describing the history of the war in the air, the aircraft, and some of the famous aces who flew them, with each page featuring a mission directly related to the subject.[2] The player may choose to fly each mission on the side of the British Royal Flying Corps or the German Air Service, flying many early fighter aircraft such as the SE5a and Fokker Dr.I featured on the box illustration. The Amiga version came with a book called Richthofen: The man and the aircraft he flew.[2] Amiga Computing gave the game a rating of 88%.[2]

Dawn Patrol: Head to Head was released in 1995 by Rowan Software as an improved version of Dawn Patrol and additionally featured one-on-one dogfighting via serial modem connection.

Flying Corps also by Rowan Software (working title: Dawn Patrol 2) was the unofficial successor to Dawn Patrol and Dawn Patrol: Head to Head.


Review score
Publication Score
CGW 3/5 stars[3]


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