Dawn of Azazel

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Dawn of Azazel
Origin Auckland, New Zealand
Genres Death metal,[1]Deathcore, Technical Death Metal
Years active 1997–2010, 2013-present
Labels Ibex Moon Records
Members Rigel Walshe
Joe Bonnett
Jeremy Suckling
Nik Davies
Past members

Tony Angelov
Tony Corry
Tom James
Phill Osborne

Martin Cavanagh

Dawn of Azazel is a death metal band from New Zealand. They have played around the world in countries such as U.S., Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Czech Republic, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia. In February 2008 it was announced that Martin Cavanagh would be departing the band, shortly after, He was replaced by Jeremy Suckling of Wellington deathcore band Scoria. Dawn of Azazel have finished recording the new album entitled 'Relentless', set to be released on 13 October on Unique Leader Records - The album was recorded at Mana Studios in Florida and was produced by Brian Elliott.

Media coverage[edit]

In 2005 Dawn of Azazel got major media coverage in New Zealand, for vocalist Rigel Walshe's other occupation, that being of Constable in the New Zealand Police. The media jumped on the idea of a public servant singing in a metal band with the very violent lyrics contained in Dawn of Azazel CDs. No official action was taken, however, because he did not mix his passion with his day job. The coverage started as an expose in New Zealand Sunday paper The Sunday Star-Times. There was also primetime TV coverage on TV3's 6 o'clock news, sparking over 43,000 hits on their website over a 24-hour period. The story also featured on CNN. Today, Rigel laughs about the incident, claiming "You can't buy that kind of publicity."[2]

Previous lineups[edit]

Law Of The Strong Lineup - 2001 - 2004[edit]

Sedition Lineup 2004 - 2008

Relentless (2009)


Current lineup[edit]


Date Title Label Charted Country Catalog Number
January 2004 Law of the Strong Agonia Records - - -
October 2005 Sedition Extreme Imprints - - -
October 2009 Relentless Unique Leader Records - - -
April 2015 The Tides of Damocles Extreme Imprint[3] - - -
1999 Of Bloodshed And Eternal Victory Independent - New Zealand -
2000 Vita est Militia Super Terram Independent - New Zealand -


Year Single Album Charted Certification
2002 "Bloodforged Abdication" Hellflame - -


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