Dawn of the Apocalypse

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Dawn of the Apocalypse
Studio album by
ReleasedMarch 25, 2000
GenreDeath metal
LabelOsmose Productions
Vital Remains chronology
Forever Underground
Dawn of the Apocalypse

Dawn of the Apocalypse is the fourth full-length album by the American death metal band Vital Remains. It was produced by Joe Moody and Vital Remains. The only album to feature vocalist Thorn and the last to feature bassist Joe Lewis.

Track listing[edit]

2."Black Magick Curse"8:46
3."Dawn of the Apocalypse"8:47
4."Sanctity in Blasphemous Ruin"8:39
5."Came No Ray of Light"0:53
6."Flag of Victory"9:10
7."Behold the Throne of Chaos"8:47
8."The Night Has a Thousand Eyes"3:43
9."Societe des Luciferiens"9:05
Total length:58:39


  • Thorn - vocals
  • Tony Lazaro - rhythm guitar
  • Joe Lewis - bass guitar
  • Dave Suzuki - drums, lead guitar