Dawn of the Dragons (video game)

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Dawn of the Dragons
Dawn of the Dragons Logo.png
Developer(s) 5th Planet Games
Publisher(s) 5th Planet Games
Platform(s) Facebook Platform, Adobe Flash Player, Kongregate, Armor Games, NewGrounds, Android
Genre(s) Multiplayer Browser Games

Dawn of the Dragons is a multiplayer fantasy RPG created by 5th Planet Games,[1] available on Facebook, the social networking website,[2] as well as Kongregate and Armor Games, online gaming websites. The game went into beta testing in May 2010.[3] On January 23, 2013, Dawn of the Dragons was released on Newgrounds, and on February 14, 2013, a mobile version of Dawn of the Dragons was released for iOS and Android.[4]


The player begins the game as a farmhand, working the fields near the small town of Burden's Rest. When a horde of monsters attacks the town, the player is forced to take up arms and rally the other townspeople to defend their homes and families. The player goes on to discover that these monsters were but a small part of a larger army being led by dragons, and that the entire kingdom is under threat. Enlisted by the king's men and sent out to help in the war effort, the player goes on a series of adventures alongside the other fighters from Burden's Rest and the companions they meet along the road.


In Dawn of the Dragons players have four action bars: health, energy, stamina, and honor. Each bar can be used to take certain actions in the game. The health bar shows how much health the character has remaining. The energy bar is used to complete quests and defeat quest bosses. You may also purchase items from the Bazaar to put in your pouch and use when defeating bosses. Completing quests and defeating the boss at the end takes the player through the game's storyline. Completing each area's quests unlocks the next area, and hence allows them to play through the next portion of the story. The stamina bar is used to attack other players, and to fight raid bosses - which are more powerful enemies, requiring multiple players to work together to defeat them. The honor bar is used to take part in guild activities, such as jousting with members of rival guilds and attacking special guild raid bosses. All four bars recharge based on timers, meaning that a player's health, energy, stamina, and honor will regenerate over time, hence allowing them to continue the game later on after they've taken all their available actions.

By completing quests and defeating bosses, the player gains access to various weapons, spells, mounts, and pieces of armor which may aid them on their adventures. The items they equip are displayed on their avatars. Some of the items gained can be used in the Craft where you complete Crafting Recipes. Clicking on the Craft or Collect buttons will show you what items you have accumulated. Once one of every item is collected, you can click on the blue Craft or Create arrows to gain your prize; which will help you in future quests. Weapons and armor can be dragged and dropped from the item list to the avatar. Make sure you check your quests to see if certain weapons or armor are needed for future quests. If not, you may sell them at the Bazaar. Players can also obtain items that can't be purchased in the Bazaar by receiving gifts from other players, or by gaining Planet Coins; which can be purchased or won by completing offers or surveys.

Players also obtain generals and troops, along with legions - formations in which they can arrange these units to help them in battle. Generals and troops can be arranged by their Role, which is the little blue symbol in the upper right corner of the avatar.


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