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Dawnsong (Bike Rack)
Brose Partington Dawnsong.jpg
Artist Brose Partington
Year 2008 (2008)
Type Aluminum, Painted steel, Vinyl siding & shingles
Location Indianapolis Art Center, Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Coordinates 38°56′48.63″N 77°0′42.32″W / 38.9468417°N 77.0117556°W / 38.9468417; -77.0117556
Owner Indianapolis Art Center

Dawnsong is a public artwork by American artist Brose Partington, located at Indianapolis Art Center in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. "Dawnsong" was installed as part of the Center's ARTSPARK initiative.[1]


"Dawnsong" is a kinetic sculpture that serves as an interactive bike rack. A steel obelisk with a hand-crank on it juts upwards with a birdhouse resting on the top. The aluminum bird house has multiple holes throughout its multiple "stories." When the hand-crank is turned the house expands and contracts slightly. The sculpture is placed at the Efroymson Canoe Launch area along the White River near the Monon Trail.[1]



This piece was placed in conjunction with the Center's ARTSPARK which brings together art and nature. Partington worked alongside the City of Indianapolis to plan this work of art.[1]


This sculpture is representative of the artist's interest in urban sprawl. According to Partington: "In "Dawnsong," I am taking the multioccupancy home and through a series of gears and a hand-crank allowing the viewer to transform it into a single, more suburban home. Through this cyclical pattern, it creates the effect of a developing or dissolving community."[1]

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