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Syedna Dawood Bin Qutubshah [1] (born 23 Rabi-Ul-Awwal 946 AH; died 15 Jumadil akhir 1021 AH / 1612 AD, Ahmedabad, India) was the 27th Da'i al-Mutlaq (Absolute Missionary) of the Dawoodi Bohra sect of Musta‘lī Islam. He succeeded, the 26th, Dai Syedna Dawood Bin Ajabshah, to the religious post.

Syedna Dawood Bin Qutubshah became Da'i al-Mutlaq in 999AH [2] (1591 AD). His period of Dawat was from 999-1021 AH (1591-1612 AD).

Sulayman bin Hassan was in Yemen when the 26th Dai Syedna Dawood Bin Ajabshah died; he sent a condolence message to Qutubshah, which was proof of his acknowledgement of Syedna Dawood as the rightful Dai and successor.

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Preceded by
Dawood Bin Ajabshah
Dā'ī al-Mutlaq
1591-1612 AD
Succeeded by
Sheikh Aadam Safiuddin