Dawsholm Park

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Dawsholm Park
A snowy footpath through a wooded area in Dawsholm Park.
A snowy path in Dawsholm Park
Type Local Nature Reserve
Location Glasgow, Scotland
Coordinates 55°53′56″N 4°18′29″W / 55.899°N 4.308°W / 55.899; -4.308
Area 33 ha (81.5 acres)
Created 1922 (1922)
Operated by Glasgow City Council
Open All year

Dawsholm Park is a public park in the Kelvindale area of Glasgow, Scotland. It is situated on the River Kelvin, north of the River Clyde. The park covers an area of 33 ha (81.5 acres), and consists mostly of woodland, with some grass and wildflower meadows in the southeast area of the park.

The park was created from lands purchased by Glasgow City Council from Sir Archibald Campbell of Succoth, in 1922. As well as the woodland area (originally called the Belvidere plantation), the Council also purchased some grassy areas to the south of the woodland. Sir Archibald then gifted an area of land contaminated with oil shale waste adjoining the eastern boundary of the woodland. The council levelled and grassed over that area to form a recreation area laid out with football pitches.[1]

The woodland area of the park has always been kept in a natural state, and in 2007 Glasgow City Council designated the park as a Local Nature Reserve. As part of the environmental and ecological work in the park, Highland Cattle are being used in a managed grazing programme on the grassy areas, to encourage the development of wildflower meadows.[2]

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Stone bridge crossing the River Kelvin
River Kelvin

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