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Daxiangguo Temple (simplified Chinese: 大相国寺; traditional Chinese: 大相國寺) is a famous Chinese Buddhist Temple in Kaifeng in eastern Henan province, People's Republic of China.


It was first built in 555 A.D.,the sixth year during Emperor Wenxuan's reign of the Northern Qi period (550-577) and it was named "Xiangguo Temple"(simplified Chinese: 相国寺; traditional Chinese: 相國寺)then.It was renamed Daxiangguo Temple in memory of Emperor Ruizong of Tang who took the throne as Xiangwang (Chinese: 相王),the king of Xiang,in 712 A.D.

The temple reached the height of its status as a Royal Temple in the Song Dynasty but it was destroyed in the late Ming Dynasty due to the flood of the Yellow River. It was reconstructed under the Qing Dynasty.

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Coordinates: 34°47′34″N 114°20′56″E / 34.79278°N 114.34889°E / 34.79278; 114.34889