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Daxini community is an branch of a larger community known as Thakkers or Lohanas of Gujarat, Western state of India, but spread across all over the world. Daxini surname is found to be used by two different genealogical paths. One belongs to Kutch District of Gujarat, while other is having its roots in Saurastra part of Gujarat.

The Daxini under discussion here is of Kutch origin. They have their Family Deity Pursadada(Kul Devta or Kshetrapal) in Anjar city of Kutch. The Kul Devi or Family Goddess of This Daxinis is Maa Ashapura Maa having its shrine at Maata No Madh

The Daxini's also have a kuldevi's temple in Balambha near Rajkot, Gujarat.