Daxue Mountain

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For the mountain range of western Sichuan, see Daxue Mountains.
Daxue Mountain
Daxue Mountain is located in China
Daxue Mountain
Daxue Mountain
Location in China
Highest point
Elevation 3,500 m (11,500 ft) [1]
Prominence 2,041 m (6,696 ft)
Listing List of Ultras of Southeast Asia
Coordinates 24°6′42″N 99°38′24″E / 24.11167°N 99.64000°E / 24.11167; 99.64000Coordinates: 24°6′42″N 99°38′24″E / 24.11167°N 99.64000°E / 24.11167; 99.64000
Location Yunnan, China
Parent range Indo-Malayan System
First ascent unknown
Easiest route climb

Daxue Mountain (大雪山, Daxue Shan) is a high mountain in Yunnan, China. It is located west of China National Highway 323, about 50 km to the northwest of Lincang.[2]

With a height of 3,500 m and a prominence of 2,041 m, the Daxue Shan is the most prominent peak of the Indo-Malayan System in Southeast Asia.[3]

This mountain should not be confused with another mountain by the same name in Qinghai.[4]

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