Daxue Mountain

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For the mountain range of western Sichuan, see Daxue Mountains.
For the mountain in Central Taiwan, see Dasyueshan.
Daxue Mountain
Daxue Mountain is located in China
Daxue Mountain
Daxue Mountain
Location in China
Highest point
Elevation 3,500 m (11,500 ft) [1]
Prominence 2,041 m (6,696 ft)
Listing List of Ultras of Southeast Asia
Coordinates 24°6′42″N 99°38′24″E / 24.11167°N 99.64000°E / 24.11167; 99.64000Coordinates: 24°6′42″N 99°38′24″E / 24.11167°N 99.64000°E / 24.11167; 99.64000
Location Yunnan, China
Parent range Indo-Malayan System
First ascent unknown
Easiest route climb

Daxue Mountain (大雪山, Daxue Shan) is a high mountain in Yunnan, China. It is located west of China National Highway 323, about 50 km to the northwest of Lincang.[2]

With a height of 3,500 m and a prominence of 2,041 m, the Daxue Shan is the most prominent peak of the Indo-Malayan System in Southeast Asia.[3]

This mountain should not be confused with another mountain by the same name in Qinghai.[4]

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