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Day Day up
Day Day Up logo.jpeg
Day Day Up logo
Also known asChinese: 天天向上
GenreVariety show
Created byOuyang Changlin
Country of originChina
Original language(s)Mandarin
No. of seasons5
Running timeapprox. 90 minutes
Original networkHunan Broadcasting System (HBS)
Original release4 August 2008 –
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Day Day up
Simplified Chinese天天向上
Literal meaningDay Day Up

Day Day Up (Chinese: 天天向上) is a popular Chinese talk show broadcast on Hunan Television. The show is co-hosted by Wang Han, Da Zhangwei (大张伟), Qian Feng (钱枫), Wang Yibo (王一博), Gao Tianhe. It has drawn great attention from the public especially student groups and other young people for its humor, style, and the public figures who appear as guests. The Chinese title of the show "Tiantian Xiangshang" (天天向上) comes from the old saying, "Study well and climb higher everyday" (好好学习,天天向上; Haohao Xuexi, Tiantian Xiangshang) which is also literally (and popularly) translated as "Good good study, day day up".


The talk show was designed to play an active role in conveying traditional Chinese values to viewers in order to promote harmony in Chinese society, celebrating the arrival of the Beijing Olympic Games. It employs both the young and the old for its humorous hosts in order to convey Chinese traditional values.[1]

List of episodes[edit]


Date Episode
08/07 Commencing Phase 1: Chinese gifts; chopsticks; Etiquettes of Taiwanese minorities
08/13 Commencing Phase 2: Countries' gifts; concept of race
08/21 Commencing Phase 3: Encouraging losers; tea
08/28 Review: Taiwanese aborigines; Kunqu opera Yu Mei schoolcamp
09/04 Respect for teachers; men's and women's etiquette
09/12 Harvest customs; autumn; workplace etiquette
09/19 Expression of thanks
09/26 Wedding etiquette; meeting; birthday
10/03 Ethnic customs:dinner; trading
10/10 Chong Yang; movie
10/17 Drinking; work
10/24 Science; China first bodyguard
10/31 Date
11/07 Imperial kitchen
11/14 Taiwan Kang Art school Vs China Central Academy of Drama
11/28 Dog show; work; attractive stewardess
12/05 China's top voice actors
12/12 Latin Dance Ma and students

Minzu University of China Vs LKW

12/26 Middle School; smile


Date Episode
01/09 Guest;Central Academy of Drama graduating class
01/16 New Year
01/23 New Year Special Edition 1
01/30 New Year Special Edition 2
02/06 New Year Special Edition 3
02/13 YoYo ball master; examination
02/20 Chinese Model
02/27 Family ritual
03/06 Mandarin dean Zhang Song
03/13 Skipping champion
03/20 Military singer Liu Bin
03/27 Characteristics of Model
04/03 Sand painter
04/10 Advertising star
04/17 Advertising star
04/24 birth ceremony
05/01 Travel
05/08 MV protagonist
05/15 Liu Bao
05/22 Peking floor ball Association
05/29 Home
06/05 Korea
06/12 B-Box representation "every day"
06/19 Asian Dance teacher
06/26 Country's top cover model
07/03 GJM Bring beauty writer
07/17 Kiss
07/24 Play tambourine
08/07 Movie
08/14 Dance
08/21 Taiwan idol drama
08/28 Idol Boys
09/18 Classical dance
09/25 Movie
10/09 eighty-one studio secret story
10/16 dance party

Microsoft Windows 7

10/30 SJ-M challenges
11/06 China criminal police college
11/13 World Cup
11/20 Beautiful Teacher show
11/27 PLA Art School
12/04 basketball
12/11 Armed force
12/18 Dogs
12/25 Hong Kong


Date Episode
01/08 Robot Wars
01/15 peerless Diamond Shine
01/22 Dance
01/29 "Riverdance"
02/05 US Hip-hop
02/12 New year song
02/19 Baidu
02/26 young people
03/05 New singer
03/12 China baseball
03/19 Nanxiang university
03/26 France Teana Boys Dinosaurs
04/09 Renmin University of China
04/16 Famous Enterprises
04/21 Yushu earthquake
05/07 Love and dream
05/14 Pencil with the Rubik's Cube world champion
05/21 Examination
05/28 Twelve Girls band
06/11 Bikini Girls
06/18 Ivy League Students
06/25 Central Conservatory of Music
07/02 Intel ISEF international competition

South Africa

07/16 Microsoft
07/23 Beijing Film
07/30 Bollywood dancers
08/06 A Talent show
08/13 Play old folk craft
08/20 Champion of popping
08/27 Sohu CEO Charles Zhang

Chinese Opera institute


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