Day Dreamer Interactive

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Day Dreamer Interactive
Industry Roleplaying Games
Founded August 2008
Founder Eric Moreau
Headquarters Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Products The Squared Circle:Wrestling RPG
Owner Eric Moreau

Day Dreamer Interactive (abbreviated DDI) is a Winnipeg-based Canadian tabletop roleplaying game publisher.


The company is best known for their professional wrestling game The Squared Circle:Wrestling RPG and has released two sourcebooks for the game line with several more planned.

The company also has two other roleplaying games in development:

  • Warriors of Zhonghua:Rise of the Dragon Kings which will be a Kung-Fu action game taking place in a fantasy version of ancient china.
  • Jumping The Void will be a science-fiction space opera game set in mankind's distant future.


The company plans to eventually expand into the video game industry with its properties. The company has also stated they will be attempting to also transition into massively multiplayer browser based games.



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