Day Eleven: Love

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"Day Eleven: Love"
Ayreon DEL.jpg
Single by Ayreon
from the album The Human Equation
Released 2004
Genre Progressive metal
Length 20:53
Label Inside Out Music
Songwriter(s) Arjen Lucassen
Producer(s) Arjen Lucassen
Ayreon singles chronology
"Temple of the Cat"
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"Day Eleven: Love"
"Temple of the Cat"
"Day Eleven: Love"
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"Day Eleven: Love"
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"Day Eleven: Love" is the fourth single by Ayreon, released on 2004, from their album The Human Equation.


The song follows the main story of the album. On the eleventh day, upon Reason's suggestion, Me gives in and returns to the day when he met his Wife. It was a Friday night at a dance party of some sort. Me and Wife dance, while Passion and Love allude to the fact that it was love at first sight. However, there are morbid indications from Agony ("Remember your father, you're just like him") and Fear ("Nobody loved you, nobody will"; however, Fear is more hopeful in this aspect). Passion and Pride, throughout, in their own way, encourage Me.

Music Video[edit]

A music video was shot for the song, but it is actually a promotional video for the album. It presents the vocalists who sing on the album, and also features footages of the recording of the album, as well as videos of Arjen meeting some of the vocalists.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Day Eleven: Love" [Radio Edit] - (3:37)
  2. "Day Two: Isolation" - (8:42)
  3. "No Quarter" (Led Zeppelin Cover) - (3:38)
  4. "Space Oddity" (David Bowie Cover) - (4:56)

This is not the same cover of "Space Oddity" that first appeared on the special edition of the Star One album, Space Metal, another project of Arjen's. This version is sung by Eric Clayton.



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