Day Job (Suburban Legends album)

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Day Job
Studio album by Suburban Legends
Released April 3, 2012
Genre Ska punk
Label Self-released
Producer Vincent Walker
Christopher Cron
Suburban Legends chronology
Going on Tour
Day Job

Day Job is Suburban Legends' fifth album, released on April 3, 2012. Aaron Bertram, Brian Robertson, Derek Rock, and Vincent Walker appeared on local online radio program TNN Radio to announce the album on February 18, 2012.

The band's first full-length album since 2008's Let's Be Friends and Slay the Dragon Together, Day Job has been heavily promoted by band as a fully ska album, following several releases that explored disco, funk, and pop rock. Included in the release are four re-recorded tracks from the 2010 EP Going on Tour, songs originally intended from earlier releases such as "Take the Next Step," which was written originally for 2003's Rump Shaker,[1] as well as three songs which the band has long performed live with no previous studio recording: "Girlfriend's Pretty," which was first performed live no later than 2005, and two Disney covers: The Little Mermaid's "Under the Sea" and The Lion King's "I Just Can't Wait to Be King."

Suburban Legends held a formal release party show for the album on May 4, 2012, at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California, with local bands The Originalites, The Long Holidays, and Hooray for Our Side.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Music Length
1. "Emergency" Suburban Legends  
2. "Open Up Your Eyes" Suburban Legends  
3. "Love Fair" Suburban Legends  
4. "Whoa" Suburban Legends  
5. "Dude Alert" Suburban Legends  
6. "My Friend" Suburban Legends  
7. "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" Tim Rice, Elton John  
8. "Snack Break" Suburban Legends  
9. "Just Be Happy" Suburban Legends  
10. "Take the Next Step" Suburban Legends  
11. "Arigato" Suburban Legends  
12. "Girlfriend's Pretty" Suburban Legends  
13. "Under the Sea" Alan Menken, Howard Ashman  
14. "Can't Stop It (feat. Lyrics Born)" Suburban Legends  


Additional musicians[edit]

  • Christopher Cron - Piano, keyboards, background vocals
  • Lyrics Born - Vocals on "Can't Stop It"
  • Matt Olson - Percussion, harmonica
  • Mikey Hachey - Bass on tracks 2-6, 10-12, 14
  • Rika Homma - Gang vocals
  • Miho H. Robertson - Gang vocals
  • Naoko Hiratsuka - Gang vocals

Popular culture[edit]

  • The track "Girlfriend's Pretty" appeared in an episode of MTV's The Real World: Portland.
  • The song "My Friend" is an ode to the popular 3rd Wave Ska Band (from Huntington Beach) Reel Big Fish.


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