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Day One are an English band from Bristol, formed in 1998, and consisting of Phelim Byrne and Matthew Hardwidge.[1] They were originally signed to Virgin/Melancolik, the record label started by Massive Attack. Their début album, Ordinary Man, was released in 2000.[1] Music from the LP was used in film soundtracks such as Cruel Intentions, The Big Tease and TV productions such as Six Feet Under, Trigger Happy TV and advertising campaigns including Adidas and Caterpillar

Their second album, Probably Art, was released in October 2007. The song, "Bad Before Good", from Probably Art, was featured in an episode of the second season of Skins, and the US film, Easy A. Their song "Cosmopolita" appeared on the US series, Cashmere Mafia.

The Band have finished their 3rd LP in Los Angeles with Mario Caldato Jr of Beastie boys fame. Mastered by Robert Carranza They recently launched a website on which a preview of a new track from the forthcoming new LP (fuel for fire) has been made available

In June 2015 the band announced that their new LP Intellectual Property will be exclusively unveiled on the Bowers and Wilkins / Society of sound website on June 18th 2015, the audio is downloadable in the highest quality; there will be a full commercial release of the new LP at a later date


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