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Day Software
Public (SIXDAYN)
FateAcquired by Adobe Systems
SuccessorAdobe Systems
FoundedBasel (1993)
Defunct28 July 2010
HeadquartersBoston, Massachusetts and Basel, Switzerland
Key people
David Nuescheler CTO
Michael Moppert, Founder
Roy_Fielding, Chief_Scientific_Officer
Jean-Michel Pittet, SVP engineering
Revenue$27.69 million USD (2007)
OwnerAdobe Systems
Number of employees
Ca. 120

Day Software was an enterprise content management software company headquartered in Basel, Switzerland and Boston, Massachusetts. Day Software was founded in 1993[1] in Basel, Switzerland.

Day creates content management infrastructure software in the Day CRX product line and enterprise content management applications in the Day Communiqué product line. Its most important product is Day Communiqué WCM, a Web content management system that is used for public-facing websites and intranets of large corporations such as McDonald's, Avanza and Daimler.

Day is engaged in the content repository API for Java standardization process and contributes to open source software projects such as Apache Jackrabbit and Apache Sling.

Day Software was acquired by Adobe Systems on 28 July 2010 for US$240 million.


Adobe Web Content Management[edit]

Adobe WCM is a web content management system based on CRX for the content repository and Apache Sling as a web framework.

Adobe Content Repository Extreme[edit]

Adobe Content Repository Extreme (Adobe CRX)[2] is a content repository that implements the content repository API for Java (JSR-170). It is based on the open source reference implementation Apache Jackrabbit and serves as the foundation of all other products by Day Software.

Adobe JCR Connectors[edit]

With the JCR connectors Day provides a set of software components that allow software developers to access content repositories and content management systems that are not JSR-170 compliant using the content repository API for Java. Examples for content management systems supported are Microsoft SharePoint[3] and Documentum.[4] Uses JSR 283 and JSR 170 to display.

Adobe Digital asset management[edit]

Adobe DAM is digital asset management system[5] based on CRX for the content repository and Apache Sling as a web framework. It integrates with Day Communiqué WCM to allow re-use of images, documents, audio and video files from the DAM in the web site.

Adobe Advanced Collaboration[edit]

Adobe Advanced Collaboration[6] contains a Wiki that can be used as a stand-alone product with optional integration into Day Communiqué WCM and a Calendar and Blog component that extend the feature set of Day Communiqué WCM. The Advanced Collaboration product also uses CRX as a content repository and Apache Sling as a web framework.


Product history of Adobe CQ

Date Product
2002 Day CQ 3.5
2005 Day CQ 4.0
2006 Day CQ 4.1
2008 Day CQ 4.2
2008 Day CQ 5.0
2009 Day CQ 5.2
2010 Day CQ 5.3
2011 Adobe CQ 5.4
2012 Adobe CQ 5.5
2013 Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 5.6
2014 Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.0
2015 Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.1
2016 Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.2
2017 Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.3
2018 Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.4

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