Day of Light

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"Day of Light"
KMFDM-DayOfLight cover.jpg
Single by KMFDM
B-side "Beach"
Released February 1, 2010
Format 7" vinyl record
Genre Industrial
Length 8:33
Label KMFDM Records
Songwriter(s) Sascha Konietzko, William John Wilson
Producer(s) KMFDM
KMFDM singles chronology
"Day of Light"
"Day of Light"

"Day of Light" is a song by industrial rock band KMFDM that was first released on February 1, 2010,[1] on 7" vinyl, and was limited to 250 copies[2][3] that sold out in less than 36 hours.[1][3] The title track on side A features vocals by William Wilson of Legion Within, a band with whom KMFDM frontman Sascha Konietzko worked on two albums.[4] The B-side is an instrumental track.[5] Both tracks were made available for download as mp3s from the KMFDM online store on March 13, 2010,[1] and "Day of Light" was included, along with a remix, on the "Krank" single.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Day of Light" 5:00
2. "Beach" 3:33
Total length: 8:33


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