Ambient 3: Day of Radiance

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Ambient 3: Day of Radiance
Day of Radiance 2.jpg
Original cover
Studio album by
ReleasedAugust 1980[1]
GenreAmbient, world, new age
LabelEditions EG
ProducerBrian Eno
Laraaji chronology
Celestial Vibrations
Ambient 3: Day of Radiance
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Brian Eno chronology
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Ambient 3: Day of Radiance
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Professional ratings
Review scores
Louder than War8/10[3]
Record Collector[4]

Ambient 3: Day of Radiance (1980) is an album by the American ambient musician Laraaji (alias Edward Larry Gordon), which was produced by Brian Eno.


This album is the third entry of Eno’s Ambient series, which began in 1978 with Music for Airports, and was preceded by The Plateaux of Mirror. The series ended with On Land.

Compared to the rest of the series, Day of Radiance features very little in the way of electronics. Laraaji uses a variety of acoustic stringed instruments such as a hammered dulcimer and 36-stringed open-tuned zither.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks by Laraaji

  1. ”The Dance #1” – 9:06
  2. ”The Dance #2” – 9:39
  3. ”The Dance #3” – 3:15
  4. ”Meditation #1” – 18:42
  5. ”Meditation #2” – 7:50


The first three tracks are variations on a theme named "The Dance", and are delivered in a fast, hypnotic, Gamelan-like, rhythmic pace on a hammered dulcimer. Eno's input is not only in the role of producer; he also adds many creative touches to the natural instrument-sounds. In particular, he "layers" the tracks, after which he applies various effects to the point at which the dulcimer almost sounds like other instruments.

These processes are particularly noticeable on the last of the "Dance" pieces. The simple practice of slowing the tape down creates resonances that are deep, and distorted in places.

The final two tracks ("Meditation 1 & 2") are different; more in keeping with the "ambient" style featured on the rest of the series. These are slow, meandering beatless compositions performed on the zither, with the dulcimer adding the odd highlight. Eno's tactic in these two pieces is mainly to electronically highlight the zither's naturally long decay-rate, creating a highly ethereal sound.

Personnel and instruments[edit]

  • Cover art and production – Brian Eno
  • Music – Laraaji
  • Instruments – treated and amplified zither; hammered dulcimer


Country Label Cat. No. Media Release Date
UK Ambient/EG Records EGAMB 003 LP 1980
US EG Records EGS 203 LP 1980
US Caroline 1573 CD ?
US EG Records EGED/EEGCD-19 LP & CD 1987 & 1995


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