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Day of the Sirens is a four piece alternative rock band from Colchester, Essex. Day of the Sirens have received critical acclaim for their 2010 album, Don't Expect a Rescue, and are receiving an praise for A Kiss from Nyx released 14 February 2011.

Day of the Sirens formed when friends Jack Fox, Chris Morley, Xavi Carter and Tommy Hall disbanded from various bands all playing the Essex touring circuit.

They first received public acknowledgement in January 2010 when Rock Sound magazine featured the track Juneifer on the Rock Sound Bugging your ears CD as track 3 in issue 131.[1] This was featured alongside a feature in the magazine claiming it should only be a matter of time before big opportunities come knocking for this lot.

After various publications supporting the release of the debut E.P. 'Don't expect a rescue', Day Of The Sirens released the single "Alois", in February 2010. Named after Alois Alzheimer the song refers to the illness of singer Jack Fox's grandfather who is an Alzheimers sufferer.[citation needed]

Despite favourable single sales online, the single was given a poor review by UK punk band Gallows in Rock Sound in February, issue 132 giving the single 2/10 and labelling it 'annoying'.[2] It may also be noted that Gallows also gave reputable bands Placebo and Creed unfavourable reviews.[citation needed]

The release of new E.P. 'A kiss from Nyx' name after the Greek mythological God of darkness was recorded in the month of November 2010 in Tipree in Essex at 'Lets Burn Music' Studios and 'Pioneer' Studios in Colchester with returning producer Chris Morley, the band's guitarist and second vocalist.

The E.P. received positive reviews media with Rock Sound Magazine giving the E.P. 8/10 noting "we told you they were one's to watch this year" in reference to naming the band in their 'ones to watch in 2011' in the previous issue of the magazine.[3] The track Home is A Working Title featured as track 8 on the 'bugging your ears' CD, along with a full page interview with front man Jack Fox in issue 145 of the magazine.[4]

On 8 February 2011, Day Of The Sirens were named 'band of the week' on Rock with an interview with front man Jack Fox who compared their sound to an audio version of Lord Of The Rings.[5] The article also streamed tracks 'Home is a working title' and '211 Kramer'.

Other notable reviews include Punktastic who awarded it 4/5;[6] Soundsphere Magazine 4/5,[7] Belgium's Rock Metal and Punk Magazine 8.5/10,[8] Ourzone magazine 7/10,[9] 5/5,[10] Bandstalker 10/10,[11] 8/10 [12] among others.

As of 26 May 2011, the music video for the single "Home is A Working Title" has been regularly played on the 'new music' schedules and main playlists of both Kerrang & Scuzz UK music channels.

The latest single "I Could Talk To God?" was released worldwide via iTunes and Mp3 on 1 October 2011.[13] The single received favourable reviews including 12/13 by Room 13 [14] and 4/5 from SOUNDSPHERE MAGAZINE [15] amongst others. The single was also reviewed in issue 154 (November 2011) of ROCK SOUND magazine [16] by You Me At Six who gave favourable reference to Jack Fox's voice and claimed "It's Epic"[16] however only scored the single 5/10.

The video for the single "I Could Talk To God?" fended off competition from Blink 182, Kids in Glass Houses and City and Colour to win video of the week by OURZONE Magazine.[17]

As of 7 December 2011, the video has received over 75,000 YouTube views [18] overtaking there previously most popular video "home is a working title" which currently has over 63,000 views [19]


The video is available to request on both Kerrang and Scuzz UK music channels alongside RAGE! in Australia.


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