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A daysailer, day sailer, or dayboat is a small sailboat with or without sleeping accommodations but which is larger than a dinghy. Dayboats can be monohull or multihull, and are typically trailer-able. Many dayboats have a small cabin or "cuddy" for storage and to provide shelter, or for sleeping in, but which is not always large enough to stand erect in. Dayboats' greater stability also distinguishes them from dinghies, and are generally sailed more like a small yacht than a dinghy. For example, although crew weight may well be shifted to increase performance, this is not crucial to stability, as it is in a dinghy. The distinction between keelboats and day sailers is not always clear. Generally, the former term indicates a large boat (over 27 feet (8.2m) and usually, though not always, not trailer-able) used for longer trips, whereas daysailers, as the name implies, are used for trips less than 48 hours, and often only a single day.

The Day Sailer[edit]

The Day Sailer Association is an association for a specific type of daysailer, namely the Day Sailer designed by Uffa Fox and George O'Day in 1958.

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  • Mahone Bay Boatworks designer and builder of the Redden Catboat 14'. This wooden traditional 14' daysailer has mahogany decks, ash trim and spruce hull and spars.
  • Cape Cod Shipbuilding builders of fine sailboats for over 100 years.
  • Com-Pac Yachts Cat Boats builders of the trailerable catboats Picnic Cat, Sun Cat, and Horizon Cat.
  • Wagner Boat Works a manufacturer of traditionally-styled fiberglass catboats from 15 to 23 feet (7.0 m) long.
  • Marshall Marine Corporation a manufacturer of traditionally-styled fiberglass catboats from 15 to 22 feet (6.7 m) long.
  • Thompson Boatworks a manufacturer of 15- and 19-foot (5.8 m) long traditionally-styled fiberglass catboats. Now owned and supported by Wagner Boat Works.
  • Arey's Pond Boat Yard a manufacturer of traditionally-styled fiberglass catboats from 12 to 20 feet (6.1 m) long.
  • Beetle, Inc. manufacturer of the Beetle catboat.
  • Howard Boats manufacturer of the Barnstable catboat, a fiberglass version of the traditional wooden Beetle catboat.
  • Shaw Boats builder of the Shaw 6.5m/650. This composite day-boat is a modern interpretation of historic day sailers, providing increased performance and modern technology.