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Dayal Padmanabhan
Dayal Sir.jpg
Born (1970-06-14) 14 June 1970 (age 49)
Villupuram, Tamil Nadu, India
OccupationFilm director, screenwriter, producer
Years active2000 to present
Spouse(s)Meena Dayal

Dayal Padmanabhan is an Indian film writer, director and producer, mainly working in Kannada cinema. Most of his films are in the genre of romantic-comedy thrillers, most notably his film Circus. His first film as a director was OK Saar OK. He starred in Gaalipata, where his Dracula character received critical and public acclaim.[1] His 2014 film Haggada Kone received widespread critical acclaim.[2] His 2017 film Satya Harischandra features Sharan, and was produced by K. Manju. Padmanabhan competed in the television show Bigg Boss House for Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5, and was eliminated on his 21st day.[3] His movie, Aa Karaala Ratri opened on 13 July to rave reviews and was a box office hit.[4][5] While his completed production Ranganayaki is set to hit screens on Oct 11th, Dayal has already moved on to his next direction which he is also co-producing called Ombattane Dikku.[6]

Personal life[edit]

Dayal Padmanabhan hails from Villupuram town (Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu). His Father Padmanabhan was an electrician in Tamil Nadu electricity board and mother Radha Padmanabhan was a house wife, till he lost his father in his early age. Then his mother continued to work in Tamil Nadu electricity board. They were from a poor background but that didn't deter his passion for acting in movies. He has participated in many extra curricular activities while schooling and proved as a young talent. His role model was Tamil actor Murali. He wished to become an actor like him but destiny made him a writer, Producer and director in Kannada films. He completed his Diploma in Civil Engineering from Muthiah polytechnic, Chidambaram. Later he finished his B.E from the famous B.M.S. College of Engineering, Bangalore. He worked for 15 years in Indian Institute of Science (1988 to 2002). He is married and has two children.

Film career[edit]

He entered Kannada film industry in the year 2000. He is indebted to Naga (Marmadesam fame) from the Tamil film industry and Hamsalekha, Upendra, S.Mahendar and Madan Mallu from the Kannada film industry for guiding him to gain a foothold in the movie industry

As a Writer[edit]

Dayal Padmanabhan entered the Kannada industry as a writer in the year 2000. His first movie as a writer was Om Ganesh starring "Dialogue King" Sai Kumar and directed by Thriller Manju. From then on, he went on to write for many films including Hudugigage,H2O,Gattimela.He has written the story for most of his movies except OK Saar OK and Sakha Sakhi. He has written screenplay and dialogue for all his movies. His screenplay style is unique and notable. He was one of the nominees' by the Times of India Film Awards 2011 for the best screenplay writer for his film Yogaraj. "Gharshane" starring Malashri which was released in the first week of January 2014. His latest work Haggadha Kone was released in December 2014.

As a Director[edit]

He later on directed his first film OK saar OK in 2003 and went on to direct ten more Kannada films including the hits like Baa Baaro Rasika,[7]Circus ,Masala, Sri Harikathe and 'Haggadha Kone'. His dream project was Circus starring Golden star Ganesh.[8][9] He has also starred in Gaalipata where he played a mute character called "Dracula" that was widely appreciated by the public.His current project as a director is 'Ondu rupayalli eradu preethi ' is retitled as Toss which is scheduled to be released in month of July 2015.His movie Gharshane is the first full-fledged action genre film that he is helming as a director,produced by Shankar S Gowda under Shankar Productions. Currently[when?] His movie "Haggada kone"released to rave reviews.[10] His last release was a rom-com titled Satya Harishchandra.He ventured into commercial filmmaking zone after a long time with this movie.Famous comedian-turned-hero Sharan is played the lead in the movie. His latest release was the critically and commercially successful Aa Karaala Ratr starring Anupama Gowda and Jayaram Karthik.The movie was a indie production and was given a small release.But upon widespread critical acclaim the movie added theatres in the second week.Post the release of Aa Karala Ratri, Dayal has been working in break neck speed and has already completed two films and is directing the third movie. The two completed films are Tryambakam and Ranganayaki. The latter is set to hit screens soon while he has started his new venture as direction Ombattane Dikku.

As a Producer[edit]

He also turned to production with this film where he was the executive producer. He has also produced Circus[11] and Co produced Shriharikathe under his own production house D Pictures.[12] He is the Producer for the under production project Ondu Rupayalli Eradu Preethi. He is the producer for the films Circus and Yogaraj. He Co-produced the film Shriharikathe,. All the above projects were executed under his own production house D Pictures.

He believes the turning point of his film career came with the movie Gaalipata. His movie Yogaraj But,starring Naveena Krishna & Neethu which released mid-2011. The movie released to positive critical response in Rediff, IBN,ChitralokaA,Times of India and others,[citation needed] with critics rating the movie 3 to 4 stars.[citation needed] After the reception, Dayal boldly quoted " Once again i have made a movie that was appreciated but not a hit".[13] Dayal padmanabhan also worked as an executive producer for the Tamil movie Brahman starring Sasikumar.

As a Distributor[edit]

On 14 January Dayal announced that he is foraying into distribution with the Kannada film "RANKAL RAATE" through his company D+ Distributors.[14]

Role in Karnataka film industry bodies[edit]

On 26 September 2011, Dayal won in the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce election as a member of Producer Sector. Dayal Padmanabhan won the election purely on the reputation he had earned as a general member in the KFCC working body.

Currently[when?] he is one of the EC member of Karnataka film Directors' association. He won in the election by gaining top 4 highest votes.


Film Awards[edit]

Dayal filed a petition against a prestigious film award for not nominating his film even after it had received widespread critical acclaim. His petition was accepted by Bangalore City civil court and the organizers/Jury were ordered to add nominations for his movie on four different categories, Best Actor (Male), Best Director, Best Film, Best Supporting Actor (male).[15]

Petition Against Multiplexes[edit]

The Karnataka state budget 2016 - 2017 was scheduled to be proposed on 18 March. Ahead of this major event Dayal padmanabhan started a petition requesting the state government to cap the movie ticket prices to 120 Rs at multiplexes in the state.

He explained his intentions behind this petition."Multiplexes in Karnataka price the ticket based on the demand and profit margins. This reduces the occupancy rate. On an average, a cinema hall records only 46% occupancy even for a high profile film as the price is set at a higher range (It can go up to 800 INR). My idea is to reduce the pricing and increase the occupancy. More the patrons, more the patronage. Only this can make the industry healthier."

His Petition went viral and was signed by thousands of people across karnataka.[16]

Complaint against Anup Sa Ra Govind[edit]

Dayal Padmanabhan, who is an active producer-director, had pointed out flaws in the 2019 elections at the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce. He contested on the appointment of Anuup Sara Govindu as a member and says it breaks the rules. He wrote a complaint letter to the District Registrar of Societies. Dayal argued that Mr. Anup Gowda failed to meet the eligibility to even contest in the elections as per the bylaws of KFCC.[17]

Petition Against National Film awards[edit]

Dayal Padmanabhan filed a petition with the Karnataka high court against the National Film awards stating that one of the members of the jury was affiliated to film nominated for the awards and, as per regulations, a jury member or chairman should not be associated in any manner to the films submitted for awards.[18]


As Writer[edit]

Title Year of release
Om Ganesh 12 February 2004
Hudugigagi 7 April 2004
Gattimela 2 March 2001
Baa Baaro Rasika 18 June 2004
Yeshwanth 4 February 2005
Masala 8 July 2005
Circus 15 January 2009
Sri Harikathe 12 March 2010
Yogaraj But 22 July 2011
Gharshane 3 January 2014
Haggada Kone 19 December 2014 release
Actor 19 February 2016
Toss 21 July 2017

As director[edit]

Title Year of release Notes
OK Saar OK 12 March 2004
Baa Baaro Rasika 18 June 2004
Yeshwanth 4 February 2005
Masala 8 July 2005
Sakha Sakhi 16 December 2005
Circus 15 January 2009
Sri Harikathe 12 March 2010
Yogaraj But 22 July 2011 WON - Times of India film awards for Best Screenplay - Kannada
Gharshane 3 January 2014
Haggada Kone 19 December 2014
Actor 19 February 2016
Toss 21 July 2017
Satya Harishchandra 20 October 2017 Official remake of Punjabi film Singh vs Kaur
Aa Karala Ratri 13 July 2018 Nominated - SIIMA Award for Best Director - Kannada
Puta 109 September 2018
Tryambakam 19 April 2019
Ranganayaki Volume 1 : Virginity 1 November 2019
Ombattane Dikku In production

As producer[edit]

Film Director Producer
Gaalipata Yograj Bhatt Executive Producer
Circus Himself Producer
Shriharikathe Himself Co-Producer
Yogaraj But Himself Producer
Bramman Socrates Executive Producer
Haggada Kone Himself Producer
Actor Himself Co-Producer
Toss Himself Co-Producer
Santhu Straight Forward Mahesh Rao Executive Producer
Ombattane Dikku Himself Producer

As Distributor[edit]

Film Release Date
Rankal Raate Feb 2018


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