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Daylight albumcover.jpg
Studio album by Needtobreathe
Released April 4, 2006 (2006-04-04)
Genre Alternative rock, Christian rock, Southern rock
Label Atlantic/Sparrow/Lava
Producer Andy Green
Needtobreathe chronology
The Heat

Daylight is the debut album from American rock band Needtobreathe. It was released in 2006 on Atlantic Records, Sparrow Records, and Lava Records.[1]

Critical reception[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic3/5 stars[2]
CCM MagazineA-[3]
Christian Broadcasting Network3.5/5 stars[4]
Christianity Today3/5 stars[5]
Cross Rhythms9/10 squares[6]
Jesus Freak Hideout4/5 stars[7]
Melodic.net4.5/5 stars[8]
New Release Tuesday4/5 stars[9]
The Phantom Tollbooth4/5 stars[10]

Daylight garnered generally positive reception by music critics. At AllMusic, Stephen Thomas Erlewine rated the album three stars, saying the band have made a "friendly, welcoming album" which they don't "stretch boundaries" on and "proudly" so, and noting how the release was "slick yet ingratiating, earnest yet endearing.".[2] Jay Swartzendruber of CCM Magazine Jay Swartzendruber graded the album an A-, and illustrating that the album was "both surprising and engaging musically", and noting that "as far as shortcomings go, you'll have to dig to find one".[3] At Christian Broadcasting Network, Jennifer E. Jones rated the album three-and-a-half stars, and she felt that the release "has a certain charm that's irresistible".[4]

Dave Griffiths of Cross Rhythms rated the album a nine squares out of ten writing, "don't come much more impressive than this one", however he felt that "the arrangement and production is very slick, but most of the songs are perhaps just a little too similar, and they've stuck to the same formula throughout the album. But, there is so much to enjoy here, it just doesn't matter.".[6] At Christianity Today, Christa Banister rated the album three stars, noting that the lyricism was indistinguishable from other acts, yet calling the release "an enjoyable escape with a refreshingly optimistic perspective."[5] Emilio LV of rated the album four-and-a-half stars, referring to the album as being a "marvelous work" that with their "songs and attitude should lead them to the top of mainstream rock charts."[8]

At Jesus Freak Hideout, Andrew Shaw rated the album four stars, alluding to how "Every track is just as addicting but completely different from the one before it, which makes appreciating the whole album difficult because you can never seem to arrive at the end", and he referred to the album as "an astonishing first-effort that could not have come at a better time. With the demise of some of Christian music's greatest acts, it is reassuring to see one group stepping up to the plate with all they got."[7] Kevin Davis of New Release Tuesday rated the album four stars, calling it a "Great album."[9] At The Phantom Tollbooth, Brian A. Shaw rated the album four stars, telling that the album "should place them on solid ground."[10]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Don't Wait For Daylight" – 3:47
  2. "Quit" – 3:27
  3. "Shine On" – 4:13
  4. "Don't Leave Just Yet" – 3:55
  5. "Haley" – 3:22
  6. "You Are Here" – 3:19
  7. "Knew It All" – 3:10
  8. "More Than" – 3:37
  9. "Over Now" – 3:36
  10. "Lost" – 4:05
  11. "I Won't Look Back" – 3:08


  • "You Are Here"
  • "Don't Wait For Daylight"
  • "Shine On"
  • "Haley"


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