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Dayman Ma`ak
Daiman maak.jpg
Promotional poster
Directed byHenry Barakat
Produced byMohamed Fawzi
Written byHenry Barakat
Youssef Gohar
StarringMohamed Fawzi
Salah Nazmi
Faten Hamama
Abdel Waress Assar
Music byMohamed Fawzi
CinematographyAlvisy Orphanily
Release date
  • 1954 (1954)

Dayman Ma`ak (Arabic: دايما معاك‎, Always With You) is a 1954 Egyptian musical comedy romance film directed and co-written by Henry Barakat and starring Mohamed Fawzi, Salah Nazmi, Faten Hamama, and Abdel Waress Assar.


Tefeeda is a girl who leaves her brother-in-law, who was forcing her to steal. She hides with a friend who lives with three young men, and one of them, starts flirting with her, but she resists him. She marries her friend after the man tries to separate them several times. The story climaxes with a mysterious murder investigation.



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